Dra. Désireé Larenas Linnemann
Alergia, asma y pediatría


2011: Center principal investigator of a multinational Asthma trial (Fase IIb-III)
2011: Co-Leader of project: Ideal concentration of Histamine positive control for skin prick testing. Endorsed by AAAAI2.
2010: Leader of project: Allergen extract stability with different diluent as tested in intra-dermal skin testing. Supported by ACAAI3 and endorsed by AAAAI2.
2009: Leader of the project: Blinded study of allergic rhinitis and skin test sensitivity in Mexico: 26 study centers. Supported by Mexican College of Allergy (CMICA4).
2008: Leading coordinator of the multinational WAO1 –AAAAI2-ACAAI3 supported project: Extract potency in SPT: European–American comparison, phase III Comparisons in Skin testing in 3 different countries.
2007-2010: Leader of the project: Extract potency in vitro: European–American comparison, phase II comparisons in vitro testing in 6 labs in US. Published.
2005-2006: Leader of the project: Extract potency: European–American comparison, phase I, Published
2006-2010: Leader of the project Cat extract potency in SPT: Mexican-European comparison against FDA. Pubmed publ 2010
2007-2010: Leader of the project: Bermuda grass pollen extract potency in SPT: Mexican-European comparison against FDA. Pubmed publ 2010
2006-2009: Leader of the project: House dust mite extract potency in SPT: Mexican-European comparison against FDA.  Pubmed publ 2010
2005-2006: Leader of the project of ‘Estudio de 100 pruebas’ and of ‘Potencia in  vitro de extractos alergénicos mexicanos’. Published 2010
2005: Leader of the project ‘Encuesta Nacional Mexicana de Inmunoterapia’. Total results presented in 4 different pubmed publications.
2002-2003: Principal investigator at my hospital Médica Sur, of the pharmacokinetic study of (des)loratadina. (S.P. Research Institute)
1998-1999: National coordinator of a multinational study on Oxis – Pulmicort for COPD
1998-1999: Principal investigador of ‘CASA-1 and CASA-2, prospective studies on Symptom and lung function improvement with Pulmicort in asthmatic patients (=Clinical phase 4 studies.). Principal investigator of ‘CASEPOC, national study of bronchodilator use in COPD (design and coordination of nacional implementation)
1997-1998: National coordinator of OPTIMA (=multinacional study on asthma)
1997-1998: Co-investigator of ‘Impact of a mixing center on the prescribing conduct of physicians.’
1997: Principal investigador of ‘Con Astra sin Asma’, prospective study on  Pulmicort in asthma patients
1996: Retrospective chart review of subcutaneous immunotherapy in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.
1996: Allergic manifectations as markers of disease activity in HIV infected childern. Prospective study.
1996: Prospective study: Language development in allergic patients.
1996: Retrospective study: Language development in allergic patients. 
1995: Knowledge of Mexican allergists of the treatment of asthmatic crisis.
1995: Inhaler use technique of asthmatic children and the impact of video instructions and drawing.
1994: Pediatric Thesis: Niemann-Pick disease, 25 years of experience in a tertiary hospital.
1989: Children with cough in Mafeteng, from home to the hospital.  Lesotho (Southern Africa). Postdoc thesis.
1986: Principal investigador of ‘Estadio nutricional de niños de 0-5años y el conocimiento de la madre acerca de la nutrición de ellos en tres barrios marginales en Quito, Ecuador’


Received the following awards:

  • Royal University of Utrecht, Holland: Talma Eykman Prijs 1989: Annual award for best investigation.
  • Nutricia-Holland: Annual award for best investigation in nutrition 1990.
    The study was translated into Spanish, presented to Secretary of Health in Ecuador and included in the Program for 1989 of the Secretary of Health, Ecuador.

Prime author and co-author of several in-depth review articles, guidelines and consensus in the field of allergy and allergen immunotherapy. Please refer to list of publications.

  1. WAO: World Allergy Organization
  2. AAAAI: American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
  3. ACAAI: American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunolog
  4. CMICA: Colegio Mexicano de Inmunología Clínica y Alergia

Doctora Désirée Larenas Linnemann

Alergia, asma y pediatría

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